... A native of the Hudson Valley in Rural New York State, has been writing and playing her songs for over four decades. She has played coast to coast in the United States, as well as entertained audiences cruising on the high seas. In Europe, she toured with Dick Staber and the Yonder City Bluegrass Band. Her music was featured on "CBS This Morning," and her recorded music has been broadcast world round. Her music has been placed in the top six in the Folk DJ's List in the catagories of Album, Song and Artist. She has to date, five albums on the Dome Island Records label. She has received multiple song writing Honors including The Great American Songwriting Contest with their "Excellence in Songwriting award.  She was a winner in the New Jersey Folk Festival, The Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase, The Great Lakes Songwriting Competition, and The Plowshares Songwriting Competition. She was a silver medalist in the Mid Atlantic States Competition.  She claimed medals in an unprecedented three category sweep in The Walnut Valley Folk Festival.

...Often microscopic in nature, the songs focus on everyday people and the familiar events of life, while bringing forth the poignant and often dramatic details as are felt deep in the spirit and the heart. Her sound is recognizble by her clear, expressive voice and intricate, unique acoustic guitar style.  Her signature writing style showcases lyrics that are influenced from many sources-- from Appalachian simplicity, to classical art song, to the beatles, and even to her studies of contemporary english poetry.  They all portray musings and inspection of the ordinary.  These ideas she puts to music that is varied, one song to the next, by a full spectrum of moods and grooves.





     Her first album as a CD, HAUNTRESS, is a jewel of a collection of thoughtfully written songs.  "Denise can do it all - write, sing, play, and perform. It's a treat to hear her, and I always learn something when I do," said David Roth.


     Finley's vocals, show expression coming from a full life of observation, compassion, sorrow and joy... Her guitar work emerges as uncommonly intricate, harmonically compelling, and rhythmically powerful.


     Denise has performed and recorded since she was first honored as a high school student in 'Super Teen,' a national music awards contest for emerging young artists. She has shared the stage with Bill Keith, Aztec Two Step, Priscilla Herdman, Sally Rogers, Howie Burson, Steve Gillette, Bob Franke, Kenny Edwards, Tom Kimmel, Pat Donehue, Sloan Wainright, Ann Hills, Michael Smith; and has been accompanied by world class musicians: some of whom are Freebo, Mark Egan, Dick Kniss, Roger Mason, (bass) Danny Gottlieb, Joel Rosenblatt, Peter O'Brien (drums) and Clifford Carter, (keyboard.)


     She is self-taught in her craft, playing music for live audiences in concert halls, small venues, and festivals. Her five albums on the Dome Island Records label are commonly heard on all genres of radio.  Folk DJ Lists, an international organization of radio DJs has cited her numerous times in the top 6 of their monthly lists for best "album," "song," and "artist." national television, including CBS This Morning. Her tours have covered coast to coast United States, Europe, and the high seas.





Influences include Janis Ian, Gillian Welch, Willy Nelson, Barbara Streisand, Joni Mitchell...





"Sweet Stuff" (Noel Stookey)


"Denise Jordan Finley...WOW!" 
(Jim Marzano, A.I.R. STUDIO, Kingston, NY)


"Denise Jordan Finley-- stunning, amazing lyrical music. You are wonderful, beautiful! Thank you so very much! What a wonderful day it was with you. We are overjoyed to have you return. I absolutely love your music. Thank you! 


"Here is the scoop du jour in northern Dutchess County: Finley is the hardest-working woman in Hudson Valley nightlife...playing contemporary folk and guitar-based instrumentals as a musical digestif" (The Chronogram)


"Gluteus Maximus Kickin' ... You rock the Cazbah!" (Sloan Wainwright)


"Superb musician" (The Country and Abroad)


" I really love your songs and your performance. You take the stage and every eye and ear in the
place is focused on you. It's just magic. you really can WOW the house. a beautiful hot chick to boot! What's not to like?" (Clayton Hill, House Concert Series, Tidewater, VA)



"She ... She moves me deeply" (Sonny Rock, WRIP FM)


On receiving "Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting" in the Great American Songwriting Contest: "Congratulations on your excellent songwriting. The competition was particularly strong in your category last year, making your achievement all the more impressive." (Steve Cahill President, Songwriters Resource Network)


"you are knocking 'em dead all over the place."



"Beautiful... Serious... Consolation...Your lyrics are poetic--shadows of meanings reminiscent of Appalachian ballads... You are an artist. Thank you, Denise!" (Kathy Geary WJFF)


"A superb blend of genres, folk, country, jazz, blues, rock, with an awesome style all your own!!! Five stars high & five stars wide!!!!! 
(Wade Farlowe, Soundclick)